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From Belgium with Love by Isabelle Delacave

From Belgium with Love was founded by Isabelle Delacave, Sydney based Belgian mother and marketing specialist, with the aim of bringing the elegant, stylish and high quality baby products she missed from home, to Australia.

“When I was looking to buy baby products for my daughter in Australia, I discovered a gap in the market for baby accessories and nursery care. In Europe there is a wide range of brands, fabrics, and products but they aren't currently offered in the Australian market...”

From Belgium with Love is a multi-brand distributor and online store, offering the opportunity to retailers and parents in Australia and New Zealand to access elegant and durable baby products that are highly in demand in Europe. An enchanting platform with high-end baby accessories, From Belgium with Love reflects a warm and tasteful way of welcoming a newborn into the family. Click here to access our brands.