Le Maman of the month: Ellen Verellen – Belgium


Ellen Verellen

Founder :  for the brain

Mom: 2 little girls









In 2012 Ellen got diagnosed with MS ( Multiple Sclerose), a disease that pushed her to slow down and turn her 300 miles an hour train into a slower steam locomotive. As a motivated, driven, smart and hardworking lady like Ellen, this is not easy but when your body says no màs, you need to listen. The choice is out of the equation.













A hole new world.

Looking back on her life changes now, Ellen says she’s very happy MS came into her life as it forced her to live a slower but more aware and definitely more conscious life. It has brought her closer to being the best version of herself and every decision she makes in life now, is one she feels good about.
As she started focusing on how to move on from this, a new world opened up. She found new ways to optimise her health and has managed to stabilise her health, with the help of holistic medicine and life changes.

What’s next?

Because of this new found passion for life, Ellen was inspired by her experience and wanted to share her new found love for life with others. You don’t need to have experienced what she has to realize you can love life and let it inspire you at your own tempo. This is where her company Apple for the brain comes into play.


As Ellen put it: “New insights are like little holidays for your Brain”

Apple for the brain is all about bringing like minded people together. It’s an inspirational journey on it’s own and when you throw in some inspirational speakers, great locations, healthy food and interesting topics, you have yourself a motivational evening that burst you full of energy and wanting more out of life than you could have ever imagined. http://www.appleforthebrain.be

The best things in life are free

As many people in our society today seem to have some trouble with not going in overdrive, miss out on awareness of the world surrounding them and seeing the beauty in nature, etc. nothing can be more relavant then bringing everyone to a stop and making them aware of all of our beautiful lives and everything in it.

Ellen has started Apple for the brain with a clear vision and has succeeded and so can you!






Apple for the brain also offers:

-Apple for the body and soul

-Apple for your business


-Apple for the Young spirits

There’s a summer camp for kids between the ages of 3 and 10 years old, all about nature, healthy eating, playing outdoors and most of all just coaching them to always be themselves! <3













And what about you? 

Do you have a passion, do you have an idea, a passion or are you fed up with the ratrace?

I’ll answer everything with proverbs and sayings :

  1. Rome was not built in a day
  2. Put your money where your mouth is
  3. Experience is the best teacher
  4. Where there’s a will, there’s a way
  5. Never never never give up
  6. A person can succeed at almost anything for which they have unlimited enthusiasm
  7. There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the passion of life
  8. When the going gets tough, the tough get going
  9. No man is an Island
  10.  Your positive action combined with positive thinking, results in success

What are you waiting for 🙂 ?














Thank you for reading and have an inspirational day !

Le Maman of the month: Hayley Alexander- Made in Australia/Based in Belgium

Hailey is an Australian beauty, a passionate yoga, pilates and barre class teacher, an ex- ‘Australian ballet’ dancer and a mum.










Hailey started dancing when she was 5 years old. Besides her experience as a successful ballet dancer in Australia, starting up the concept of ‘frame’ classes ( the ‘barre’ of today) in London and now owning a successful yoga company in Antwerp, Belgium (my hometown), she is also a new mother.










Hailey gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Billy Grace. She’s so so so cute, what an incredible little wonder. Hailey and her husband did a wonderful job there and that baby girl has the genes of a King and Queen











I unfortunately found out on Hailey’s instagram feed that her husband is battling cancer at the moment, he seems to be fighting his way upwards like an absolute warrior and we are sending him all of our support and strength to get out of this as the champion and lovely Dad to little Billy Grace that he has seems to have always been. Karma will treat you well !











Btw, to those who feel like there is an excuse not to work out when preggers, take a good look at Hailey’s insta, take a good look at Hailey and I’m sure you can motivate yourself to get your behind in that pregnancy barre/yoga or pilates class and make it happen. I for sure decided, If she can do a barre class at 8 months pregnancy, I probably should step up my game at ‘not pregnant’ and show up!














We wish Hailey and her family all the lovely blessings that life has in store for her.

So amazing to see these strong women accomplish their goals.

Thank you for being an inspirational mom Hailey Alexander!



Le Maman of the month: Stéphanie Caulier – Belgium/Australia

Stéphanie Caulier grew up in a family where knitting was an everyday normal,
this is where she picked up her passion.

When visiting a small knitting café in New York, Stéphanie was reminded
of these moments and the rest really is history.

Her company ‘I love Mr. Mittens’ started with just some knitting for friends
and family and grew into an international corporation, featured in magazines
such as Marie-Claire, collaborating with London companies and expanding
her business to AUSTRALIA !


This Belgian born entrepreneurial mom, does not only have an international
booming company, also selling in Australia, she also is a new mom.



She gave birth to this little cutie a few months ago and I must say, I think this
is one of the 
most beautiful little charmers I’ve ever seen. SO PRECIOUS !
Those eyes… Well done Stéphanie (and Adam, her Australian husband)

Her brand ‘ I love Mr. Mittens’ that produces knitwear, most
populair being the fashionable chunky wool garments, sells
these fashionable items that are also sustainable. Stéphanie picks very
carefully who she works with and prefers to work with a small quantity
of stockists that will respect 
her brand and it’s values, then to mass spread
the brand through a big multinational.

Every garment is hand knitted by Stéphanie or one of
her team members. Her team consists of students and pensioners
that are not only getting the chance to work on an a young entrepreneurial
woman’s vision for the future,but also get a new opportunity for some
financial stability, how unique.


I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these amazing chunky sweaters
or some knitted shorts!

Mr. Mittens ‘heartworking’ philosophy is quite the inspiration for
crafters all over 
the world who are dreaming of making an idea into
a wonderful new adventure.

What are you waiting for?


Le Maman of the month: Louise- Denmark














LOUISE is Danish, has been living in Stockholm (Sweden) for the passed 5 years, has a bachelor in Social Studies from the University of Copenhagen and is currently studying to become a Nutritional Therapist. ( Yes, she’s doing this while being a mum and a wife)!!

Louise and her husband, David who is a magazine art director during day time, plays with his daughter when he gets home and makes sure the blog gets updated during the night (OW EM GEEE), have started a blog (turned book!) called ‘Green Kitchen Stories’.


♡Why ‘ Green Kitchen Stories’? ♡

Well as they explain on their blog: “The Green Kitchen signifies our effort to come up with healthy vegetarian recipes using whole food and organic products. We want our recipes to be as simple and pure as possible. And since all good recipes often comes with a story, we thought the name was appropriate.”

Their recipes ( besides looking soon delicious) are super tasty, healthy, organic and full of nutrients ! WINWINWIN!

Louise is the hippie-healthy-minded cooking queen of the two of them and can apparently make a feast out of an empty fridge whilest David is more of a baking guru and the photographic genious of this match made in heaven.


Besides starting this very succesful blog and writing a healthy veggie cookbook together, they have also managed to create a little family of their own. To top it all off, this healthy, entrepreneurial couple, makes some beautful little veggie loving babies! ♡

Being the healthy food lover myself, I’m totally ready to get cookin’






La Maman of the month: PETRA DE PAUW – Belgium


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mumandmelist/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mumandmelist/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hashtag/mumandmelist









Petra De Pauw, our maman of THE month and Mother of 2 daughters Roos (11)and Billie(9), is a writer of numerous succesful books, her most recent book is one I’d really like to introduce to you all.

‘Mum and me’

Her book ‘mum&me’ is an assemblence of multiple activities much like a bucketlist to plan in with your little girl or boy.

This mother & daughter bucketlist book made with the intention to strengthen the bond between mother and daughter, is filled with ideas that will warm your life with memories when executed. How fabulous ?





As we all know our sons and daughters will be out of the house and off to work, college and starting their own independent life before we know it, time flies so cherishing every moment is one of the most important things in your lifetime together.

This is why I’d like to introduce to all of you this amazing mom who has created numerous books mostly focused on building a greater bond, memories and lovely moments of irreplaceable quality time for you and your little girl or boy.

This lady named Petra de Pauw is a Belgian born writer who has had quite some success in the passed with her books such as ‘the bucketllist for couples’, a fantastic list of things that should be on everyone’s bucket list of life, with your significant other.



‘Mum & me’, a book with a big heart but above anything a lot of fun!


So if you are ready to picnic in the snow, milk a camel, try and get a free drink or have a netflix marathon with your daughter, then you’re in desperate need of this wonderful lady’s inspiration. Her book has become quite the popularity in Belgium and Holland ! We hope her success may reach far beyond the Northern hemisphere.





Besides ‘mum and me’ for mother and daughter, she has also written ‘Mum and son’, for a little less pink, soft and cute memories, but more of a get your jeans dirty, score a lift with a fire truck, climb a volcano kind of memory you can experience with your son.





NO doubt the pictures, (success booked or not ) will be legendary for the family album!






New year, new memories, new adventures together!

Check out all of the adventures on Instagram under the search hashtag #mumandmelist

La Maman of the month: Tiany Kiriloff – Belgium


tiany-1 tiany-2












For my very first Les Mamans blog post, I decided to choose for a fashionable mom from my home country Belgium.

Tiany Kiriloff is a real mompreneur or ‘a woman who is rocking an awesome career as an entrepreneur whilst being an amazing mom’.




With her chilean, russian and dutch roots, she always keeps her style alive, colourful, hot and happening. She started her career as a tv presenter and presented shows such as ‘Alive dot style’ and ‘Jim late night’ on belgian television. In November 2008, Tiany started her own company called ‘Belmodo.tv’, Belmodo is an online fashion magazine covering fashion, beauty and travel. It’s a blogging platform for multiple freelance writers that are always roaming the hottest events to update the Belmodo website with the hottest trends. ( www.belmodo.be )







She’s a mom of 3 beautiful little girls, Yelena, Eloise and Otilia. They are so cute and fashionable just like their mom that they have their very own instagram page to share their amazing little stylish lives with the world : @minikirilove




Seems to make enough time for romantic getaways with her fabulous husband Didier Engels ( also half of the dj duo Hermanos Inglesos) as well as sunny family trips to places like Portugal, Costa Rica, the belgian coast and skiing trips to Austria.


As well as all this, she manages to combine her entrepreneurial lifestyle with being an amazing mother AND she does not miss a fashion week; YES that means: PARIS, LONDON, MILAN AND NEW YORK, EVERY YEAR!


tiany-6 tiany-7


SHE’S GOT IT ALL! But she created it all herself and so can all of you !


photo credit : @minikirilove @belmodotiany and www.belmodo.be

Good shoes take you to good places

Since 1957 Eli Shoes are known to produce the best and most classy shoes for children. Made in Spain with the finest materials, these handmade shoes were born by the hand of only 8 employees in a town in the south of Spain called Alicante. Almost 60 years have passed and Eli Shoes keeps on growing, bringing the best shoes for babies and toddlers thanks to their passion for quality and a warm spirit to craft exactly what the first steps of our little ones need! Available online in Australia https://frombelgiumwithlove.com.au/online-store/shoes/

13219728_10154069419380767_234492968_n 13223490_10154069422055767_1255878176_o 13224049_10154069419480767_1887883905_o 13230933_10154069419395767_396930213_o


Free and Wild Child blog is the world’s first blog that focuses on ethically made clothing for children, founded by Karianne who moved from Oslo to Australia 6 years ago. Karianne is the mother of two little wild things Mr C (5) and Miss W (3), they live in NSW. When she arrived in Australia she was 7,5 months pregnant with her son. It was a lonely journey, becoming a mother so far away from everyone she knew and loved, and the blogging came naturally from there. At first she had a food blog, called ‘Bare Barnematen’, but in March 2014 she decided to make a children’s blog focused on kind children’s fashion and so ‘Free and Wild child’ was born.



















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Gineline and Mette in Oslo

Mette Bordal Hansen and Gineline Kalleber are two Norwegian mums who were working in a very different field before becoming parents, but ever since their little ones were born Mette and Gineline got caught up in a need for functional yet aesthetic products for both the parents and kids.

Bringing marketing and design expertise, these two mums found KAOS®, a brand inspired by their everyday life, focused on Scandinavian design and high quality materials.

Founded in 2013, KAOS mission is to pimp parenthood with smart and stylish gear by providing smart functionality products and coated quality canvas like the Samlesac, a smart and easy to carry storage bag for all sort of things.

Check out Samlesac available here in From Belgium with Love. Follow us on Instagram to get our news and offers.


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